Our comprehensive, due diligence review is an independent audit that concentrates on various functional aspects of the closing agent, vendor, and service provider relationship. 

Meets the examination requirements of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

We can customize the review to conform to specific compliance needs.


CFPB - Bulletin 2012-03 - Service Providers

OCC - Bulletin 2013-29 - Third-Party Relationships

CFPB - Compliance Bulletin and Policy Guidance - 2016-02 - Services Providers

Compliance Bulletin and Policy Guidance 2016-02 - Service Providers
Questions and Answers - Vendors Compliance Group

Synopsis of Supplement to OCC Bulletin 2013-29
Frequently Asked Questions
"Third Party Relationships: Risk Management Guidance"
Vendors Compliance Group

Third-Party Relationships: Compliance Risk
White paper
Vendors Compliance Group